As a global provider of superior health care answering services since 1989, Cullens Communications has led the industry with superior client care and the highest degree of professionalism.

Health care professionals such as medical practices, doctors, dentists, specialists and others need a dependable answering service that understands the unique requirement of the health care industry.

Cullens Communications has the experience and technology to insure that your specific needs are met so that you can focus on your practice goals.

Family owned and operated, Cullens Communications takes great pride in taking extra steps to provide customized services for health care practices. By focusing on the needs of the health care industry, Cullens Communications can offer the best in patient answering services while also maintaining high levels of compliance and adherence to federal regulations.

The patient is of the utmost concern. We utilize the finest technologies to make sure, calls and messages are managed securely and accurately. Cullens Communications also provides a rigorous screening process so our staff maintains high levels of customer service. Constant and consistent training programs keep everyone well informed and knowledgeable with the latest in rules, regulations and procedures.

Our current client base is a shining example of how Cullens Communications is able to provide outstanding services for the health care industry. Our customers agree that when it comes to having a service-oriented yet highly trained health care and medical answering service provider, Cullens Communications is the premier choice.

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