I have many challenges managing my time while providing good patient care. Cullens Communications helps me to stay organized and be more responsive.
Katherine Bovine – Administrator
NY Pain Management

I have unique requirements in order to service my patients for my plastic surgery practice. Cullens Communications was able to craft the right services for my needs.” 
Lora King – Office Manager
Arlington Pediatric

Our patients often need special attention and care. The delicate situations need a special level of attention that helps to ease the patient or caregiver. The call agents at Cullens Communications make sure patients are treated professionally and gently.
Cecil Cummings – Medical Assistant
Childrens Pediatric Group

Emergency calls must be responsive and efficient. Any delays can be very difficult and painful for patients so we need fast turnaround and response to messages. I turned to Cullens Communications to make sure I get the service I need.
Ellen Souders – Head Receptionist
Primary Health Medical Group

Patient privacy is extremely important. The expectation is to adhere to all of the latest regulations to keep patient records secured and private. I need HIPAA compliance and Cullens Communications gives me peace of mind.
Dr Seth Greenberg

I have very few resources for office staff and I need people who understand medical terminology. Because of my specialized practice the treatment options for my patients can vary greatly and each is unique. Cullens Communications came through for me and provides call agents who actually understand medical terminology and notes symptoms, medicines and other issues very well.
Juliana Trate – Nurse Practitioner
Stages OBGYN

Personalized care is what my patients expect. Expectant mothers particularly need attention to ease their concerns and make sure issues are escalated if necessary. Cullens Communications works transparently and helps my practice run very efficiently. My patients think they are actually in my office!
Lauretta Glascov – Admissions
Tall Oaks Senior Care

Patients and their care givers have lots of questions and need answers quickly. Cullens Communications helps me to make sure all of my patients and their parents or care givers have the right answers and they ease their worries.
George Stamos – Practice Administrator
Hillside Cardiology